Academic Honors

McCracken has a long tradition of producing high academic achievers. The foundation that is laid here is able to sustain the building that is done as the students move forward in their educational careers. Recognition is one of the ways to encourage students to strive to meet high academic goals and we recognize students in several ways.


The Principal’s Award is given to the Eighth grader who, in three years of attendance at McCracken, has the highest grade average.


The Spirit of McCracken Award is given to the student(s) who is in good academic standing, demonstrated outstanding school spirit, and is a well rounded student.


The Junior Scholar award is based on a student’s score on the PSAT. Eighth grade students who score 50 or better on one or more of the three sub sets on the PSAT earn the award.


Any student, after the first semester of his/her seventh grade year, is eligible to be an honor roll member. Students must maintain a “B” average to be included in the honor roll. Special recognition is given to students who maintain an “A” average. All “A” students are invited to lunch, off campus, as guests of the principal.
Membership in the honor roll at the end the seventh grade year can also lead to an invitation to join the Junior Beta Club. If you choose to join the Beta Club, there are specific requirements you must follow to maintain you membership and they are not limited to honor roll membership. Please see the link on this page to learn more about Beta Club.

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