Career and Technologies

Career Cluster of the Month: HEALTH SCIENCE
  • Do you enjoy helping people feel better?
  • Are you interested in medicine or dentistry?
  • Do you enjoy science classes?
  • Would you enjoy teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Would you like working in a hospital or other medical facility?
If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, you might enjoy a career in health science. Jobs in this field involve planning, managing, and providing diagnostic, therapeutic, supportive, and information and research services in health care.
One of the following jobs might be a great fit for you:
* Audiologist
* Optometrist
* Chiropractor
* Pharmacist
* EMT/Paramedic
* Health Educator
* Surgeon
* Nurse
Click here to visit Spartanburg Community College’s website for information.
Visit our Guidance and Career Readiness Site for college and career information.
McCracken Middle School offers a dynamic Career and Technologies Program for all students. Students may select from the following classes:
  • Graphic Arts
  • Environmental Science
  • CSI
  • Exploring Foods/Hospitality
  • Exploring Commercial Design
  • Exploring Helping Others
  • World of Money, Applications of Technology
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Exploring Production Design/Development
  • Exploring Communication and Design Technology
  • Lego World Robotics
  • Mindstorm Lego Robotics
  • FLL Robotics Team

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